Popular Materials Used in Brewery Transfer Hoses

While home breweries and microbreweries are gaining charge as the ultimate beer centers, how do you stand forth with exceptional beer styles? Well, good and fair reasoning from you could be to improve the quality and experiment on different styles. But, let’s move further ahead and advance your plans to bring the best beer styles to the town. And, for that brewery hoses play an indispensable role as you discover more.

When breweries arise every single day, in every city, and up from every nook and corner, improvising the traditional methods would be an easy and affordable choice for you. Brewery hoses fit right to fulfill the modern-day needs of a brewing house. But, to make the best use of it, there’s a lot to understand and practice about brewery hoses. Let’s start from the basics!

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What do you think makes a brewery hose outstanding and really beneficial in speeding up the brewing process? We understand that the construction materials of a brewery hose impart a lot of advantages which could be useful for you in the long run. Hence, jump right in below to read up about the top 3 hose materials popular in breweries for beer transfer purposes.

1. EPDM lining

There’s a long checklist when it comes to picking the right brewery hose. But, there’s a total worthy material which makes your choices easy and efficient. And, that’s none other than EPDM. Technically, EPDM expands to Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (sounds a tad bit heavy?!). Showcasing a good performance as a hose material, EPDM lining can win all our hearts with its durability.

An artificial rubber product, EPDM is most preferred as gaskets and insulators. This very well preaches the kind of security offered by it. It is extremely efficient at binding multiple layers together, affirming the sturdiness of the brewery hose. An almost airtight and water-resistant material, EPDM can withstand all physical and chemical changes to a remarkable extent of time. 

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The on-point temperature resistance and reinforcement it possesses make it sufficient to be the best material for the brewing industry. Most top sellers of first-grade brewery hose supplies are likely to be EPDM-lined ones. Such is the acceptability and preference for this ‘king of brewery hose tubes’ as it meets safety standards and quality assurance. 

2. Chorobutyl lining

A co-polymer among the wide range of plastic materials available, Chlorobutyl is one of the most prominent linings inside a brewery hose. It’s always tagged as a good fit for non-oily applications in pipes. While you are not chemistry experts to know the chemical properties, let’s simply understand Chlorobutyl is a ‘butyl’ rubber itself.

Now, is a normal rubber material safe to use? Worry not, as there is a list of merits that makes Chlorobutyl a great option. Firstly, on using Chlorobutyl as the innermost layer, there is almost zero chance for the brewing liquid to react with it in any way. This zero resistance to chemical reactions proves highly effective to maintain the beer quality as well as the fitness of the hose. Moreover, you can simply rely upon Chlorobutyl for microbe-resistance, flexibility, and temperature tolerance. 

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So, you get going using Chlorobutyl for your brewing machine, light up the fires, or twist and turn your brewery hose without any spill of doubt. Its abrasion resistance is also impressive. Altogether, that makes it a 3-star material for brewery hose!

3. UHMW lining

Now, let’s take a look at a rather tougher competitor among brewery shoe tubes. By toughness, it’s not just the hairline competition that we consider, but it is actually rigid and tough in nature. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, commonly known as UHMW is a large-scale industrial material. But as important steps as brew transfers are concerned, using such strong materials is a great advantage.

For breweries, a huge load of work appears in the cleaning and maintenance ends. It can be simplified down by resorting to easier, feasible solutions. One such assistance is offered by UHMW-lined hoses. It has good microbe-resistance, flexibility and has been approved by the FDA for food and beverage grade uses. Besides, it could serve as wash-down pipes for brewing machines; cutting down your budgets considerably. Hence, UHMW hoses are quite beneficial to the different units inside a brewery. 

Beer transfer systems at a brewery

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The above 3 stand imperative to the basic structure of a brewery hose most often. While there could be wide differences in the combinations of materials considered, other materials like White Nitrile, Neoprene, etc. might also be used for specific types and needs. Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of a brewery hose, make way for your right product to get some great flavors brewing!

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