What Makes Hose Crimping Important?

Brewing involves a whole bunch of procedures and steps to excel that intricate flavor you wish to deliver. But, what can be a game-changing move for home or commercial styles? While focussing on imparting a good sense of flavor to the brews, you might tend to either compromise on labor or schedules. You might screw up your time, maintaining and cleaning up the brewery setup. Else, you have limited access to the workforce; you may become unable to expand your beer brewing venture. However, a dash of smartness can help you through this struggle.

Primarily, to strengthen and scale up your brewery business, it’s incredibly important to know about brewery hoses and how they assist you in the long run. Starting from point zero, learning about the functioning and construction materials of brew hoses helps. Moving on, you must explore the larger frame of hoses fitting your needs. And, that's where hose crimping plays a vital role. So, let’s discover below why you should bother about hose crimping!

Food transfer hose from Novaflex

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Understanding Beer Transfers

As you all know, brewery works aren’t just mere mixing and fermenting processes. It’s a lot more elaborate and demands time & patience to yield classy tastes and styles. Now, let’s just forget the complex ratios and proportions of brewing. Instead, there’s a relevant segment of beer brewing that we tend to forget most often. Move ahead, take a guess or two. Can you identify that step?

Indeed, beer brew transfers! Have you ever realized such a small segment of brewing could make a lot of difference to the end results? Maybe not, in your wildest dreams! If yes, you would be already sitting aback and appreciating how wonderful and beneficial the brewery hoses are. And, if you haven’t yet, don’t worry, we have got your back!

Checking pressure condition during the brewing

A lot of people tend to ignore the amount of time and labor you invest in transferring the ingredients from one tank to another. At each step of brewing, you mix the liquids and pass them on further and further. Lack of enough baseline research makes you underestimate that beer transfers just need some pipes. While in reality, you should install appropriate hose assemblies to transfer liquids efficiently without spills.

What Are Hose Assemblies?

Though we talk about brewery hoses being the savior of the brewing industry, it doesn’t operate as a single unit. Now, let’s break down this idea and understand before it gets too hard for spills. ;)

Basically, a hose becomes suitable for practical uses in a brewery when certain end fittings are attached to it. Such a unit of hose and end fittings is called hose assembly. You can choose any desired type of hose and fitting based on your need; it could be beer transfer or beer washdown hose assemblies. 

Continental Purple Snake Hose Assembly

However, simply arranging them together won’t be any help. Remember that you have mostly liquids flowing in and out of your brew hoses. A tight fixing mechanism is always preferred to ensure the liquids don’t leak and get stuck inside. Besides, in particular to brewing or fermentation processes, chances are inevitably higher for bacteria or fungi to spoil the foods and beverages. Hence, special attention is demanded to prevent any kind of microbial growth.

Why Do We Prefer Hose Crimping?

There are multiple options when it comes to the hose assembling styles and mechanisms. You could have a crimped, clamped, or swaged fitting for hose assemblies. Each has its perk of advantage when used in the right industry. Now, you might be wondering why crimping itself?

For the brewing industry, crimping is a well-advanced method to use. Crimping essentially involves deforming the metal ends of the hose fittings to conjoin the hose and fittings together. Forming a braided metal, crimping secures the in-flowing liquid from leakage. Also, all the chances for bacterial intrusion are ruled out effectively. Thus, you can rely on crimped hose assemblies where the beer product is safe to consume with preserved taste and odor.

A set of beer transfer hoses

There are diverse options to do the crimping, but the most preferred one is smooth-surfaced crimping. This leaves negligible chances for creases and foldings to be a thriving haven for microbes. Furthermore, choosing hardly reactive materials like stainless steel for crimping is a wise take. Based on your scalability, you could even move forward to invest in automated crimping tools. Considering all the above, create your unique style of beer brewing with the on-hands assistance of brewery hoses!

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