Dixon FS Band Clamps
Dixon FS Band Clamps


Our Dixon Center Punch FS Band Clamps are ideal for DIY projects where you are attaching the fitting onto the hose yourself. This is a perfect product for emergency repairs, changing fitting configurations, or making your own custom length brewery hose assemblies.

These clamps are made out of 300 Series Stainless Steel.

Width: 5/8"
Thickness: .022"
FS8: For 1" ID hoses | Clamp ID max is 2"
FS10: For 1-1/2" ID hoses | Clamp ID max is 2-1/2"
FS12: For 2" ID hoses | Clamp ID max is 3"

These clamps can be used with any of our beer transfer hoses and tri clamp barb fittings. You can secure them on using our FS100 banding tool for a safe and tightly secured fitting. is a listed supplier and member of the Brewers Association.

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