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We look forward to earning your business

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Continental Purple Snake Brewery Hose
Continental Purple Snake Brewery Hose
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Keep your brewery clean with the best washdown hose from Continental
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What this means is that you can expect high quality hose assemblies that use the recommended Dixon fittings, crimped to the manufacturers specification. It's the recipe for the perfect brewery hose.

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The perfect beer

You have logged some serious hours worth of research, trying ingredients, and sampling the results. The last thing you need on your mind is applying the same process to buying hose & hose accessories. Luckily (for many people), we are better at this than we are at brewing some good ol' Ale.

Just like you, we have done our research, tried and tested products, and have cultivated relationships with manufacturers in order to bring you quality products that last. With that said, when you combine that, our understanding of craft beer, and our 70+ years in the hose industry, we can confidently say that we are here for you.

Cheers to our partners

Continental - for providing us with the best brewery hose in the industry: Continental Purple Snake and Vintner Reserve EPDM.

Novaflex - for brewery hose like the Connoisseurs 6506 and Novabrew 6507NB.

Dixon - for accessory parts like TC Fittings, Sanitary shells, band clamps, & more.

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